Commercial & Office Moving Service in Oklahoma City, OK

No matter what type of business, office or commercial space you need to be moved at a distance, MoveOKC is committed to guaranteeing your relocation is smooth and effortless as planned. We’re known for our reliability and flexibility. We bank our reputation on it.

We accommodate virtually any sized budget to transport you from point A to point B; making the transition safe and error-free.

We’re also aware of the importance of assuming ‘business as usual’ during the relocation process’ to prevent the occurrence of lost revenue. Time is money and we respect your time. Our certified experienced consultants carefully map out a battle plan that would make General McArthur blush with envy. Then, we execute. It doesn’t matter where or how far your business is located, either nearby at a larger/smaller location or out-of-state, we got you covered.

WAIT! Before You Hire ANY Commercial Office Mover Company – READ THIS!

Did you know the biggest complaint clients like yourself typically face with inexperienced movers is the poor treatment of items they were hired to look after and care for?

They damage walls, carpets, and other buildings nearby in an effort to get you ‘in and out’, as if the service you contracted is the equivalent of a 17-year old at a McDonald’s drive-thru window – it just doesn’t work.

What typically happens in these unfortunate situations is the company who hired out the work is stuck with the bill or potential lawsuits of no fault of your own. For example, towards the end of a lease, you may decide to relocate again in the future, until the lessor discovers a significant amount of property destruction you weren’t privy to as a result of moving damage. You know this, but the lessor doesn’t – nor does he or she care. Good luck getting reimbursed for damage that inexperienced movers caused you may find yourself paying for.

The best way to avoid the above scenario is to hire the ‘best of the best’. If you skimp to save a buck you typically will get what you pay for, and what you don’t pay for you may end up paying more for later anyway. It’s a total crapshoot. Instead, you need a professional mover that will protect your carpeting, doorways, entrance halls, files, desks, chairs, signage, and any other transportable good at reasonable prices where a business is fairly compensated and motivated to do the job right the FIRST time. If a deal sounds TOO good to be true, then it likely is.

We’re Ranked #1 In Oklahoma For Commercial and Office Space Local/Interstate Moving

Moving office and commercial space is stressful and challenging. You’ve already got enough on your plate. Let US shoulder the burden on your behalf. Retail. Corporate, Restaurants. Small manufacturing/industrial. Warehouses. You name it, we pack it and move it. Our specialist ensures you stay on budget, on time, and on track.

Allow MoveOKC’s office and commercial moving division to assist in streamlining or growing your office or business space. We employ the most qualified commercial and office movers in the industry and our team is thoroughly trained, experienced and prepared to handle your move with professionalism, courtesy, speed, and care.

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